To Our Clients

Dateline -- San Francisco, CA -- July 24, 1996

Howard M Haberman Associates, Inc. ("HMH") has been serving the real estate community for eleven years and continues to do so.

We have worked with you to provide solutions to your hardware and software needs, assisting in implementing seamless conversions to AMSI from your current systems. As of this month we have complemented our selections of software that we support, and have placed an emphasis on the service aspect of our business.

Many of you may have received a letter from AMSI/Geac that may have created some confusion as to the role that we will play in the future. HMH will continue to offer the level of support and training on AMSI software that we have in the past, and look forward to our continued business relationship with each of our clients.

We will also offer training seminars, our first being a free F9 Financial Reporter and Crystal Reporter introduction on August 16th in San Francisco and August 23rd in Los Angeles. Space is limited so call today to reserve your seating.

We appreciate the opportunity to have provided service to you in the past, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

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