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Howard Haberman is president of Howard M. Haberman Associates, Inc., a computer consulting firm based in San Francisco. His firm provides special consulting services to property owners, builders, developers, and managing agents. It specializes in assisting property managers install new or improved computer systems.

Mr Haberman lectures, teaches and writes on numerous real estate and accounting issues. He also conducts seminars nationwide for real estate professionals.   He has represented or worked for some of the major providers of software in the property management and construction field, including AMSI (now owned by GEAC), Newstar Solutions, REmanage, Inc., Timberline Software, and Yardi Systems.  He recently served as Vice-President, Sales and Marketing for REmanage, Inc.

Mr Haberman conducts classes in managerial accounting and financial concepts designed specifically for real estate professionals. He has taught at several colleges, and has been a guest lecturer on several occasions, at Golden Gate University, as well as the Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) conventions.

Among Mr. Haberman's published pieces are Push-Button Property Management: The Terminal Solution and Choosing the Right Property Management System. He has also written numerous articles discussing energy management systems. He has been quoted in the Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report and Skylines. He has served on the Editorial Board for Executive Computing Newsletter, and has contributed to the computer chapter of BOMII's RPA Course #3 text, Real Property Accounting.

Mr Haberman was the executive vice president for a commercial property management company for over 15 years. He has been recognized as a pioneer in the computerized energy management field, and was involved in the development of one of the earliest commercially successful, 2-way Power Line Carrier energy management systems. He is a CPA, has an MBA from the University of Chicago, and holds a Real Property Administrator (RPA) certification from the Building Owners and Managers Institute International.

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